Summer Gardening - Essential Products for Lawn & Planting

If you need a high-quality compost that is also great value for money try our very own Homeland Multipurpose Compost. Specially formulated to help retain moisture and also feed your plants for 4-6 weeks it can be used all around the garden. Ideal for pots, baskets, vegetable patches, rockeries and rose beds each extra large bag contains 75 litres of compost.

Better still if you buy 2 bags you get the 3rd one free.

Problems with slugs and snails in your vegetable beds but don’t want to use harmful chemicals or pellets?

Try Slug Gone Wool Pellets. This completely natural treatment is a great way to protect edible and ornamental plants from attack by slugs and snails. Made from sheep's wool the pellets expand when wet to form a barrier the slugs will not cross. Certified organic they are completely safe for use around all your vegetables. Better still the barrier also works as a mulch, retaining moisture in periods of dry weather.

If you have treated your lawn for moss the chances are you have been left with patches where the moss used to be.

A great way to fill in these patches, and also green and thicken your lawn is by using Naturesafe Organic Lawn Food.

This Irish made product is safe for Kids and Pets as it contains no animal by-products. It is entirely Organic and contains lawn seed and fertilizer to restore tired grass while also being safe for bees and other pollinating insects.

Now that Summer is officially here its time to start planting your hanging baskets and window boxes.

The first basket plant that comes to mind is usually the trailing petunia. If you think that you have seen everything these popular plants have to offer then call into your nearest Homeland Garden Centre to see one of the many new varieties that we add to our range every year.

If you want something different try planting these stunning petunia night sky this year to give your baskets a little sparkle.

Homeland All Purpose Liquid Feed

If you are looking for an easy to apply fertilizer suitable for almost any plant in the garden try our Homeland All Purpose Liquid Plant Food.

Containing everything your plants need to maintain perfect growth, strong foliage and colourful blooms. Used regularly it also increases disease resistance in most plants.

One 2 Litre bottle makes over 200 Litres of plant food so as well as being great for your plants Homeland All Purpose Liquid Feed is great Value too

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