Vecoxan Drench 1L

Vecoxan Drench 1L

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Product Information

For the treatment and prevention of coccidial infections in lambs caused in particular, by the more pathogenic Eimeria species E. crandallis and E. ovinoidalis. To aid in the control of coccidiosis in calves caused by Eimeria bovis and Eimeria zuernii.

For oral use only. To ensure the correct dosage, bodyweight should be determined as accurately as possible. Shake well before use. After using draw off cap, re-close container with original cap.


Vecoxan oral suspension should be administered with a drenching gun. Appropriately graduated drenching equipment should be used to allow accurate dosing. This is particularly important when administering small volumes.Dosage

LAMBS: Therapeutic use

1 mg diclazuril per kg bodyweight or 1 ml Vecoxan per 2.5 kg bodyweight, as a single administration.

LAMBS: Preventative use

1 mg diclazuril per kg body weight or 1 ml Vecoxan per 2.5 kg body weight at about 4-6 weeks of age at the time that coccidiosis can normally be expected on the farm. Under conditions of high infection pressure, a second treatment may be indicated about 3 weeks after the first dosing.

CALVES: As an aid in the control of coccidiosis


1 mg diclazuril per kg body weight or 1 ml Vecoxan per 2.5 kg body weight, administered as a single dose, 14 days after moving into a potentially high risk environment. If a satisfactory response is not observed, then further advice should be sought from your veterinary surgeon and the cause of the condition should be reviewed. It is good practice to ensure the cleanliness of calf housing.

Withdrawal period


Lambs and calves: meat and offal: Zero.

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