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Tail painting is the most popular way of heat detection with Irish Farmers. With the Tailpainter, you can tail paint a cow in a few seconds, from a place that is easiest and safest for you. The Tailpainter was originally launched in the Irish market in 2019 and was recently relaunched with an improved design and now available from all Homeland stores.

Effective heat detection is a critical part of farming and been shown to be a key modulator of farm profitability as well as being a requisite for both improved milk & calf production. Best practice in herd management would suggest that the most efficient practice for a dairy herd would be to get all cows in calf on 1st attempt and within a 6-week time period. Company founder & AI technician Liam O’Keeffe says that while “tail painting has been around a long time challenges include difficult, dangerous and time consuming application, resulting in many farmers not benefiting fully from tail paint as a method of heat detection.”  For heat detection to be successful, the tail paint needs to be applied correctly with regular visual assessment and topped up as needed.

“When a farmer misses detection of a heat it can cost an estimated €250, mostly from lost milk production, or if the farmer incorrectly schedules a cow for insemination, it could result in an empty cow for that season and ultimately the loss of that cow to the herd.” 


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