Bayticol 1% 1 Litre

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Product Information

Bayticol 1% is a pour on solution for the control of ticks and biting lice, as well as the control of sucking lice and mange.

  • Bayticol may be used in Beef and Dairy cattle including pregnant animals.
  • All animals in the herd should be treated.
  • Contains Flumethrin

Dosage and Administration

Ascertain the weight of the animal to be treated. Squeeze the required dose volume into the dosemeter (provided) and apply the contents along the backline of the animal from the front of the shoulder to the tail setting. Treat at 14 day intervals according to tick pressure. 

  • Control of ticks and biting lice - 1ml of the solution per 10kg
  • Control of sucking lice and mange - 2ml of the solution per 10kg

Withdrawal Period

 Animal must not be slaughtered for human consumption during treatment or until 5 days following the last treatment. Milk for human consumption may be taken only from 10 days (from the 21st Milking) following the last treatment. 

Always following manufacturers instructions & guidelines. 


Animal: Cattle
Application Method: Pour On

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