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Flynn Pump Diaphragm

Flynn Pump Diaphragm

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Product Information

Flynn pump diaphragm is a durable compound for reliable performance that fits all Flynn and Efco milk pumps. 

The diaphragm should be checked regularly to ensure maximum performance:

  • Loosen hand wheels and remove front cover.
  • Remove old diaphragm by extending the stroke to its maximum forward position, then grip the diaphragm edge and unscrew in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • Next, remove backing plate and discard old diaphragm.
  • Place backing plate on new diaphragm (rounded edge to the rubber) and apply grease to the diaphragm thread.
  • After re-assembling the diaphragm, tighten until backing plate is hard against conrod locking nut.
  • Next, centre the diaphragm relative to the casing by letting it just touch the two bottom studs. Then by turning the shaft, return the diaphragm to its centre position of the pump stroke, until the inside face of the diaphragm just touches the pump body.
  • Finally replace the front cover and tighten hand wheels. (Hand wheels may need to be slightly retightened after pump has been used under vacuum). 


Excessive diaphragm wear can be detected or avoided by checking the following:

  • Excessive suction will cause blistering to the front of the diaphragm.
  • Undue wear to the back of the diaphragm can be caused by excessive back pressure on the delivery side of the pump. Recommended back pressure is 15lba PSI, or 103.4 kPa.
  • It is essential that a hot akali based wash is used at least three times per week to remove milkfat residues.
  • It is recommended that pumps be drained after washing, to minimize prolonged contact with the washing solution, which causes premature aging of the rubber.

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