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Stalosan F 15kg

Stalosan F 15kg

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Product Information

Stalosan F is a powder bedding hygiene product, suitable for use on all types of floors and bedding. With well documented efficacy testing, which has been used in animal husbandry for over 40 years.

  • A powerful drying agent
  • Includes active ingredients that kill pathogens improving sanitation standards.
  • Reduces ammonia improving atmospheric conditions for cows, calves and handlers.
  • Based on inert materials so is safe to use in the presence of all cattle
  • Provides around the clock protection and is active for up to 7 days

Affects of diseases:

Primary Affects: Reduced Yield, Discarded Milk, Herdsman's Time, Veterinary Cost, Hoof Care

Secondary Affects: Risk of Secondary Infection, Subclinical Problems, Higher Culling Rate, Reduced Fertility

Stalosan F can play an important role in the farms bio-security plans to reduce infections and increase the overall health and profitability of the herd. Due to Stalosan F anti-pathogenic effect it is effective against micro-organisms that cause problems such as:

  • Mastitis
  • Scouring
  • Hoof Problems
  • Joint Ill

Benefits of using Stalosan F once a week are:

  • Decrease in pathogenic load in the production system
  • Reduction in bacterial, viral and fungal infections
  • Reduction in parasitic infections and fly infestations
  • Improves animal housing conditions as well as the condition for the people working on the unit
  • Reduction in veterinary costs

Recommended Application Rates of Stalosan F:

We recommend if you have never used Stalosan F before you spread it day 1, 2 and 3 at 50g/m2, there after as per the table below.

During continous prophylactic treatment: 50g/m2 - Once a week

During periods of high infection rate/disease levels: 50g/m2 - 2 to 3 times a week

How to apply Stalosan F:

Stalosan F can be used in many ways depending:

  • By hand in small areas or problematical areas, such as near water or feed bowls.
  • A handy applicator is available to make covering large areas.

Where can I use Stalosan F?

Stalosan F is safe to use in all areas of the production:

  • Rest areas – Back of cubicles, loose housing
  • Against mastitis, high SCC, cracked teats
  • Calving pens
  • Healthier environment for the new born
  • Calf Boxes
  • Against scouring, Joint Illness


Animal: Cattle

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