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Activator 90 1L

Activator 90 1L

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Product Information

A Non-ionic adjuvant for use with many herbicides and fungicides to help increase spreadability and penetration of the pesticide.  Ideal for use with MCPA when controlling rushes.

Non-ionic wetting agent:

  • Improves pesticide performance.
  • Reduces drift.
  • Improves retention.
  • Has a built-in anti-foam/defoamer.
  • There is no risk of over wetting and run-off.

Activator 90 is authorised for use up to a maximum concentration of 0.1% dilution of the final water volume e.g.:-

Water Volumes: 200 litres/ha, 400 litres/ha

Required Quantity of Activator 90 at 0.1%: 200ml, 400ml


Half fill the spray tank with water and commence agitation. Add the required quantity of Activator 90 then add the recommended quantity of pesticide. Continue agitation while topping up the tank and during spraying.

Directions for use:

Activator 90 can be used with all approved pesticides which have a recommendation for use with a non-ionic wetter. Activator 90 may be used at a maximum concentration of 0.1% on approved crops, up to the growth stages specified, with all approved pesticides applied up to their full approved rate. 


Application Method: Spray

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