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British Queen Seed Potatoes Sec Early
Seed Potatoes - British Queens Sec Early 2kg Garden care: As soon as the potato tubers have been delivered you should unpack them and start the chitting (sprouting) process. Place them in single layer in a seed tray without compost and...
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Kerrs Pink Seed Potatoes Maincrop
Potato 'Kerr's Pink' Maincrop. It is a tall, robust plant which crops well in a long growing season. It is fine grained, floury and very popular in Scotland and Ireland. The potato for a Burns' Supper. Height and spread: 60cm (24"). How...
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Potato Blight Fungicide 100ml
Potato Blight Control 100ml Main Key Benefits: Prevents and kills the fungal spores that cause potato blight Protective fungicide for use before disease attacks the plant Contact and systemic action Rain fast after 1 hour
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Records Seed Potatoes Maincrop
Potato 'Record' (organic) - Early maincrop. This heavy duty potato was the favourite of much revered, organic guru, Lawrence Hills. 'Record' has high dry matter with real flavour It is great mashed, steamed, fried or roasted. How to Grow...
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Rooster Main Crop Seed Potatoes
Rooster Main Crop Seed Potatoes 2kg
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