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Mo Bactor Moss Remover 20kg

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Product Information

MO Bacter is an Organic fertiliser which will feed your lawn for 100 days, destroys moss without turning it black and removes the need of raking out the dead moss.

  • Approved by the Royal Horticultural Society.
  • No Raking out – No staining of patios or driveways – safe for children and pets when used correctly – No problem with drift onto flowerbeds – will not harm plants
  • MoBacter is best applied from early March through to September (once active growth starts, normally above 12 C°) for healthy grass and moss elimination. MoBacter can be used in early autumn as a moss control through winter. 

Mo Bacter is an organo-­mineral fertiliser for lawns with an indirect action against mosses.

  • MO Bacter gives the needed nutrients to the lawn and ensures that existing moss is indirectly inhibited in growth.
  • MO Bacter does not makes stains on tiles, terraces and concrete. It prevents the formation of new mosses in lawns.
  • It contains also decomposing bacteria that transform organic waste ( thatch) into useful lawnfeed.
  • This fertiliser works up to 3 months. Viano MO Bacter contains useful decomposing bacteria which transform thatch in to organic lawnfeed.
  • No raking necessary when using this product.

Application Rate

  • Apply MoBacter at the rate of one handful (about 200 grams) per 2 sq metres.
  • A 20 Kilo bag will cover approx. 200 square met

Storage Instructions 

  • MoBacter should be stored in cool, dry area, stored in the plastic bag and secured at the top.
  • MoBacter can be used for up to 12 months after the bag has been opened. It will keep well if you ensure the bag is kept in a dry location. 



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