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Liquid Life Aid
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Liquid Life Aid

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Product Information

Liquid Life-Aid is indicated in the reversal of the process of dehydration and electrolyte loss associated with scours in calves and pigs whether due to nutritional, bacterial or viral causes. It is also indicated as an aid in recovery from pregnancy toxaemia and reversal of hypoglycaemia in sheep. 

Active Ingredients

  • Each ml contains: Active Substances: Glucose Monohydrate 306.675 mg, Sodium Chloride 53.75 mg, Sodium Propionate 2.625 mg, Potassium Dihydrogen Orthophosphate 25.425 mg, Glycine 38.75 mg


  • Calves and Pigs: Liquid-Life-Aid is intended for oral administration only after dilution with 11.5 times its own volume of water. Bought in calves: For nutritional support, administer 2 litres of prepared solution replacing the first feed on arrival. For the next feed give 1 litre of solution and 1 litre of milk replacer after which normal diet may be resumed. Scouring calves: All milk and milk replacer is withdrawn. 2 litres of freshly prepared solution to be given twice daily for 2 days. For the next 4 feeds (2 days) 1 litre of solution and 1 litre of milk replacer to be administered. Thereafter normal diet is resumed. If symptoms are severe, the solution may be fed 3 or 4 times daily. The solution may be given for a maximum of 4 days only, when administered on its own.
  • Pigs - Suckling pigs: When symptoms appear, fresh solution to be made available to the whole litter in a clean container, with access to water and sow's milk maintained throughout dosing period. Allow approximately 200-300 ml (7-10 fl oz) of solution per piglet daily, the amount being determined by the age of the piglets, the number in the litter and the severity of the symptoms. Occasionally restriction of the water supply for a few hours may be necessary to encourage pigs to start drinking the prepared solution. Treatment may be continued for up to 8 days in total if symptoms persist.
  • Weaned pigs: Fresh solution to be made available to pigs showing signs of scour, allowing up to 1 litre daily for each weaner depending on the age of the pigs and the severity of the symptoms. It is advisable to restrict solid feed intake for the initial 1-2 days of dosing but fresh water supply should be maintained. Treatment may be continued for up to 8 days in total if symptoms persist.
  • Sheep: In case of pregnancy toxaemia in sheep 160ml of undiluted product should be administered using a suitable drenching bottle. Treatment should be repeated 3- 6 times daily as required.

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