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Nutrias New Pet Food Range - What you need to know!

We’ve recently launched a new Nutrias Pet Food range. The range contains a highly digestible chicken protein and we are delighted to say they are also wheat and gluten free. All products contain omega 3 & omega 6, which are fantastic for healthy skin and to coat the joints.

We understand that your four-legged friends are an important part of your family and we’ve undertaken a lot of research to ensure our pet food range, provides them with all the vitamins and minerals they need.

The range includes:

  • Nutrias Complete Nutrition Adult, available in 2KG & 15KG
  • Nutrias Complete Nutrition Cat/Kitten available in 2KG & 10KG
  • Nutrias Complete Nutrition Puppy, available in 2KG & 10KG
  • Nutrias Complete Active 22, available in 15KG
  • Nutrias Complete Active 24, available in 15KG

First up we’ve developed a range for working dogs., this is the Active 22 and Active 24 range. Both have a high meat content with 28% highly digestible beef formulation. 

The Active 24 is our muesli mix, ideal for speed and stamina, with 24% protein. 

The Active 22 is a complete pellet, which is great for working dogs, with 22% protein and both are fully balanced with vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

The next in the range is the Nutrias Puppy formulation. It has 28% protein and 30% meat content. It’s full of vitamins and minerals to give you a complete feed for all your growing puppy’s nutritional needs. 

Next up is the Adult Complete, with 20% protein and 31% meat content. It’s a continuation on from your puppy feed – also fully balanced with vitamins and minerals for peak condition to maintain the health of your adult dog. 

Finally, we have the Cat & Kitten complete pellet, with 30% protein and a high oil content. This makes it suitable for indoor cats as it helps to reduce excessive shedding. This range contains prebiotics for optimal digestion. 

The great thing about both the cat and dog food range is,  it is a complete feed for your animals, so there is no need to supplement it.

All of our packs contain a feeding guideline based on bodyweight to ensure you feed your dog the correct amount at the different stages in their development. 

All the products in the range are available to buy exclusively in our Homeland stores or online.

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