Aurivo and Grassland Agro: Growing sustainably together

***PLEASE NOTE - Applications now closed***


Aurivo are delighted to offer 100 farmers the opportunity to improve soil fertility and fertiliser usage on their farms.  This new initiative is focused on improving both the financial and environmental sustainability of farms in the Aurivo region.   Aurivo have partnered with Grassland Agro to bring you this initiative.

The program includes:

·         Free soil sampling across your farm

·         A detailed tailored fertiliser plan

·         On-going real time support and advice throughout the season

To join the programme text 086 4104217 or email and include your full name and contact phone number. 

Increasing nutrient use efficiency can be a win-win in terms of farm output and environmental impact. The initiative between Aurivo and Grassland Agro will ensure that farms in our region will continue to develop in the most environmentally sustainable way.

The Aurivo / Grassland Agro fertiliser plan tackles the three key areas of sustainability:

1. Economic

Each farm is unique, and often there can be variation in pH, P and K status within a farm. The fertiliser bill is one of the largest variable costs on farm and warrants careful analysis. By targeting each of these issues as opposed to a blanket treatment, costs can be considerably reduced. The lost production of suboptimal soil fertility or pH will also be calculated for a farmer and each round of fertiliser will be included in the plan and costed so that a farmer can do a cash flow budget for the year.

2. Environmental

Nitrogen inputs can be reduced by rectifying pH, and suboptimal soil fertility. Nitrogen use efficiency is impacted by suboptimal soil fertility namely P, K and lack of Sulphur (S). The over application of nutrients on areas where soil fertility is high can also have negative environmental impacts and using the Grassland Agro fertiliser planning service will allow for a more informed decision to be made.

3. Social

The bug bear of many Irish farmers is the increasing requirement to defend their “social license to farm”. Irish agriculture is world class with respect to carbon intensity in the area of dairy, beef, lamb and grain production. It is something we should celebrate and be proud of. However, the advantage of this component is that it challenges all Irish farmers to further increase efficiency and increase profitability while maintaining the environment in which we live.

Aurivo is a global agribusiness with exciting consumer brands and a diverse portfolio across dairy ingredients, consumer foods and health & nutrition, retail and lifestyle stores, animal nutrition and livestock marts. As an innovative multi-purpose co-operative, we have a strong ambition to continue to grow a sustainable business that will not only create value for our members but ensure a certain future for our farms, our processes and our communities for generations to come.

Grassland Agro are part of a global company, Groupe Roullier. They have four industrial fertilizer plants in Limerick, Cork, Slane and Wexford. The revolutionary Speciality fertiliser range, conventional commodity and soil conditioning products help maximise tailored solutions to every farm.

To join the programme or for further information text 086 4104217 or email

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