Aurivo and Grassland Agro: Soil Fertility Programme


Aurivo and Grassland Agro have partnered for the second year to offer farmers the opportunity to improve soil fertility and optimise fertiliser usage. Exclusive to 150 farms. This joint initiative is focused on improving both the financial and environmental sustainability of farms in the Aurivo region. 

1. Soil sampling across the farm will be provided to find out and manage farm nutrient levels and soil pH. These soil sample results will provide information on areas of the farm that have low, medium or high fertility. This information is key to creating an accurate fertiliser plan.

2. FREE Fertiliser planning – A detailed fertiliser plan will be developed for each farm on the programme versus offtakes while using the latest technologies in fertilisers that can result in a farm delivering maximum output in a sustainable manner.

3. On-going support – You will have ongoing support from your Aurivo Farm Commercial Specialist and Grassland Agro members. Fertiliser plans can be amended where changes occur on farm. The aim of the fertiliser plan is to grow grass in the most cost effective and environmentally sustainable way.

Increasing nutrient use efficiency can be a win-win in terms of farm output and environmental impact.  This joint Soil Fertility Programme between Aurivo and Grassland Agro is a commitment to ensure that farms in our region continue to develop in the most environmentally sustainable way.

Interested in joining the programme? Contact your local Homeland store or one of the contacts below.

Terms and conditions apply. Deadline of application is Friday 26th November 2021.


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