Garden advice to put a Spring in your step...

Our horticulturalist are gearing up for the busy season here at Homeland. With 12 garden centres, our experts have been compiling advice on the jobs to be done & best products to use to get your garden all set for Spring…

Feeding fruit trees in early Spring

If you have fruit trees growing in your garden or your thinking of planting some then you will want to ensure that you get the greatest amount of large, healthy fruit when harvest time comes.

One way to do this is by feeding your plants with Sulphate of Potash in early spring.

Potash promotes more abundant flowers, larger healthier fruit and increases overall plant health. It can also fortify your plants against adverse weather conditions (which we are sure to get) So if you want the best, tastiest fruit feed with potash now.

You will see and taste the difference.

Thinking about growing your own vegetables this Spring?

For best results use Viano Organic Plant Food. This is a certified Organic general-purpose food ideal for Vegetables, Fruit and Herbs.

It works for 100 days so it’s perfect for introducing some much-needed nutrients to your soil. Viano Organic Plant food will give you better tasting Crops without the need for synthetic chemicals.

Chitting your Seed Potatoes

While this weather doesn’t provide much encouragement to get out in the garden, that doesn’t mean that there aren't jobs to do.

One such task is chitting your seed potatoes. Thankfully it can be done in any weather. Chitting simply means sprouting your newly bought seeds. It is done by laying your seed potatoes out in a shallow container with the most eyes facing upwards.

This should be done in a bright frost-free location like a shed or a garage.

Leave them until you see short green sprouts about 3/4"-1" in length. At this stage, they will be ready for planting out(weather permitting) and you should see larger, healthier potatoes come harvest time. If you haven't got your seed potatoes yet call into your nearest Homeland Garden centre to see our large selection of certified seeds.

Primroses to brighten up your Pots & Planters

At this time of year, chances are your pots and planters are looking pretty miserable.

Why not brighten them up with some winter hardy primroses. These vibrant, scented flowers are ideal for introducing a splash of colour around the house.

Their hardy nature also makes them ideal for beds or graves.

Primroses will give you colour well into the spring.

Did you know February is probably last chance to take hardwood cutting?

With a little time and patience (and rooting powder) you can turn 1 plant into 10.

There is a wide range of plants that can now be propagated this way, from fruit like Gooseberries and Blackcurrants to Roses and even Ornamental trees.

Thinking of sowing Seeds this year and looking for something different?

Now available at Selected Homeland stores*, the Sarah Raven Collection.

With varieties selected in conjunction with the renowned gardener and broadcaster Sarah Raven, this collection is divided into 2 parts.

First, the wildlife range plants ideal for attraction Bees and Butterflies to your garden.

Secondly, the Cut Flowers range which comprises plants which are perfect for bouquets and arrangements. A must for any budding florists.

The benefits of Perlite compost additive for your seeds.

While sowing seeds it’s a good idea to add perlite to your potting mix. Perlite is derived from a naturally occurring glass and provides some important benefits for your seedlings.

It aerates the soil, prevents compacting, improves soil structure and fosters stronger root formation which results in healthier seedlings which in turn will give you more vigorous plants.

All these products are available in your local Homeland Garden Centre.

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