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Homeland's Summer Gardening Essentials

Homeland have this year's Summer Garden covered, thanks to their wide range of lawncare products & Garden Essentials, which are sure to give any garden a new lease of life! These products are listed below along with a description of their many benefits aswell as a guide on how to use them.




Lawn Feed, Weed & Mosskiller

Our new extra strength formula goes even further with each bag treating 500 square metres.

This Irish made product greens your lawn kills moss and weeds. 

Key Benefits

  • Greener lawns
  • Kills weeds
  • Controls moss
  • Stronger formulation, covers 500m2 

Available to purchase online - HERE


Homeland Multipurpose Compost

Homeland Multipurpose Compost 3 for 2 is produced from high quality Irish Moss Peat mixed with all the essential plant nutrients to ensure healthy and vigorous plants at all stages of growth and under a wide variety of situations. Plants grown in Homeland Multipurpose do not need additional feeding for the first 4-6 weeks. To maintain healthy growth after that in baskets, containers, borders regular feeding should take place after 5 weeks. Ideal For: Pots, Containers & Baskets, Promotes Healthy colourful blooms

Key Benefits

  • Promotes healthy colourful blooms
  • Ideal for pots, containers and baskets
  • Feeds plants for 4-6 weeks
  • 75L           


Available to purchase online - HERE


Homeland Medium Chip Bark 75L

Homeland Medium Chip Decorative Bark is made from screened and graded bark. Bark is a by-product of the forestry industry and is a renewable resource. It provides an attractive and effective mulch for use in beds and borders.

Attractive background

Shamrock Medium Chip Decorative Bark provides a superb dark natural background against which the foliage of trees and shrubs is highlighted. Plants have an excellent and very attractive background to grow and thrive in.

Suppresses weeds

A 5-7.5cm layer of Shamrock Medium Chip Decorative Bark will help reduce maintenance costs by suppressing weeds. The minimum depth to give effective weed suppression is 5cm. For best results apply after preparing the soil and planting, add an additional 2.5cm each year in the Spring to maintain an adequate depth. Bark will allow rainfall to reach the soil but deter weed development.

Protection against weather extremes

Shamrock Medium Decorative Chip bark can be used to blanket the soil against extremes of temperature. This provides protection for roots against frost in Winter and reduces moisture evaporation during high temperatures in Summer.

Ideal for use:

  • Suppressing Weeds
  • Improving Moisture Retention
  • Decorative Ground Cover


 Availble to purchase online - HERE


Homeland Super Gro Tomato Feed 2L

A liquid fertiliser plant food especially formulated for tomatoes and pot plants to ensure healthy tomato plants with an abundance of fruit. Supergro is also ideal for use on flowering plants to produce healthy colourful blooms. 

Use Supergro Tomato Food fortnightly throughout the growing season to ensure your hanging baskets and window boxes look their best all Summer. Super Gro is highly concentrated and great value as it makes 286 litres of feed.