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How To Grow a Green Lawn


Here are 4 simple lawn care tips to make your grass greener:

  • Give it enough water.
  • Check your lawnmower blade regularly and sharpen when necessary.
  • Only cut when the grass is dry.
  • Using fertilisers and weed killers correctly.                                                                           


The best defence against weeds is keeping your lawn lush and at the correct hight. This will create enough shade to prevent weeds germinating and growing. However, if you find you do need to use a weed killer, it should be done as part of your spring lawn care before the weed has a chance to develop strong roots and germinate.

Our recommended weed killer is:                     

Homeland Lawn Feed Weed & Moss Killer - shop now here Homeland Lawn Feed Weed& Moss Killer | Homeland Stores

Fertilising your lawn goes hand in and with lawn weed control. As your grass takes in the fertiliser’s nutrients, its root system will expand and begin to cover any bare spots. We highly recommend a brand new lawn enhancer that will give outstanding results – the Homeland’s Lawn Hero.

Some of the many benefits of Lawn Hero include:

  • Greener and richer lawns almost all year round
  • Suppresses moss growth
  • Healthier lawn
  • Instant results visible in 24hrs
  • Easy to apply
  • Safe for children and pets


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