Promoting Sustainability with Protected Urea products

The use of Urea has been traditionally limited to the early Spring. However, there are products available that are formulated around Protected Urea. These products can be used all year round without the fear of nitrogen loss.  They result in lower levels of ammonia and Green House Gas (GHG) release into the atmosphere, while allowing you to grow more grass.

When using Protected Urea products, farmers cannot afford to allow P and K indexes to slip. With that in mind, Homeland stocks Sweet 18s and GEN.

Sweet 18's is a high Phosphorus, high Potassium fertiliser which also contains protected Urea, Sulphur and Sodium. Sweet 18's can be used as a direct replacement for 18-6-12 or 18-6-12 + Sulphur at any time of year. 

Similar to Sweet 18's, GEN 46% N and GEN 38%N + 7%S are both environmentally friendly and economically sound fertilisers, ensuring that Homeland offers a range of sustainable products. 

Contact your local Homeland Store or Farm Commercial Specialst to talk about the right fertiliser product for your farm. Don't forget Farm Commercial Specialist can visit your farm and carry out soil sampling services, ensuring the correct fertiliser product to match your needs. Full contact details available on our Store Locator page. 


Gen-46-38        Ssweet18s




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