Sowing a wildflower meadow

Did you know the best time to sow a wildflower meadow is in the months of September and October? A small wildflower meadow is a heaven for bio diversity and a great help to bees and other pollinators. Nova Flore perennial short mixture is a combination of low growing annual and perennial flowering species that will give up to 4 months of flower and are great for pollinating insects.

To create your own wildflower meadow prepare the soil as you would if sowing a lawn, removing existing growth, digging over and raking the soil to a fine tilth. Don't be tempted to fertilise however. Wildflowers give a better show on slightly hungrier ground.

Sow evenly and pack down using a garden roller (or your feet for small areas) and gently water in.  That's it! Just add time. First blooms should appear the following April, with continuous blooms into August. 

To keep the floral meadow for the following year cut back to 10cm from the ground and take of the green waste 10 days later.


Our Wildflower mixtures are available in 2 sizes, 200g to cover up to 30m2 and 500g to cover 50m2 - 100m2, available now in store and online.

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