Survivor Calf Colostrum

Survivor Calf Colostrum

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Product Information

Survivor is an easy to mix colostrum for calves. Survivor provides the energy and stimulus for the newborn animal to suckle naturally on the mother. It is essential that Survivor is fed to the newborn animal within 4 hours of birth and if necessary, repeat 4 hours later. Survivor protects from Johne's-free disease, a contagious infection that primarily affects the small intestine of calves.

  • Johne’s free palatable easy to mix colostrum calves. 
  • May be used as a complete substitute or as a supplement. 
  • High quality colostrum rich in Vitamin A, D & E.
  • High energy source and stimulus for the new born animal to suckle naturally on the mother.
  • Remains fresh and palatable in a robust moisture resistant container

Survivor feeding instructions:

1. Add clean lukewarm water to top of label and shake vigorously until SURVIVOR is dissolved.

2. When mixed fill the bottle to the top.

3. Secure clean teat to bottle and feed (Natural suckling reflex will improve its ability to digest SURVIVOR). If the calf is very weak SURVIVOR may also be given by drench or stomach tube.

4. Feed entire contents. One feed of SURVIVOR is sufficient when using as supplement.

5. Survivor, ideally should be fed as soon as possible to the newborn calf and if necessary, repeat 4 hours later.


Protein 27%, Fat 28%, Ash 6.5%, Moisture 3.5%, Vit A 47,000 iu/kg, Vit D 9,400 iu/kg, Vit E 117mg/kg.

Animal: Cattle
Application Method: Water Soluble

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