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Product Information

Control of a wide range of annual and perennial weeds in grassland.  Contains MCPA as a potassiun salt at 300g / litre. The only potassium based MCPA on the market. Does not damage grass between rush. Use in conjunction with Presto for maximum benefit.  Apply when there is good growth and sufficient leaf area on the weeds to absorb the chemicals.  Soft rushes use 4.5 litre per hectare (3.2 pints per acre).

Application rate: 4.5 litres / hectare in 200 - 400 litres of water. Maximum number of applications per year is 2. 

Directions for use:

Crop: Grassland (established), Grassland (seed crop)

Max single dose: 4.5 litres/ha, 4.5 Litres/ha

Max no. of applications: 2,1 

Max. total dose: 9.0L/ha, 4.5l/ha

Latest time of application: ---, 5 weeks before heading

Method of application: Tractor mounted/trailed sprayer


  • Do not apply by hand held equipment.
  • This product must not be applied between the end of September and beginning of March.
  • Do not apply in volumes less than 200 litres of water per hectare(200-400 litres per hectare, 20-40 gallons per acre)

Wash Equipment:

Throughly with water and wetting agent or liquid detergent immediately after use. Spray out, fill with clean water and leave over night, spray out again  before storing or using for another product. Traces of product can cause harm to susceptible crops sprayed later. 

Application Method: Spray
Product Group: Water Soluble

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