Stockholm Tar Spray 200ml

Stockholm Tar Spray 200ml

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Product Information
  • Coyle’s Stockholm Tar Spray is available in a convenient aerosol pack. This makes it a very easy to use product when applying it to the area to be applied to. 
  • The aerosol contains a ball bearing which helps to keep the tar within the aerosol mixed giving a uniform concentration of product after being vigorously shaken before use. 
  • Because it is in aerosol form it is easier to get a mist cover over the area of application without getting too close to an animal that maybe distressed of irritated by insects. 
  • It comes with a nozzle that does not clog if the product is handled as per manufacturer's instructions. 
  • The fragrance of the tar while potent does not cause residues in meat provided it is sprayed around a wound and not into the wound.


Animal: Calves, Cattle, Horses, Lamb, Pigs, Sheep
Application Method: Spray

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