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Nutrias Super Beef Gold ATP

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Product Information

Nutrias Super Beef Gold ATP is an excellent nutritional supplement to enable rapid weight gain in cattle. Balanced with starch, digestible proteins and Beef ATP mineral pack, the concentrate is established as a top performing supplement –maximising livestock potential from nutrition.

The store or growth period is targeted specifically for growth and is the essential link between the rearing and finishing phase. Growth is important for unlocking an animals potential for maximised intakes and carcass yield at the finishing stage. Protein is important to maintain skeletal development and energy must be matched for live weight gain targets.

The Nutrias BEEF store feeds have the perfect balance of concentrate supplements to link the rearing and the finishing stage.

  • High levels of maize and cereals for maximum energy intake and growth rates
  • Added protein to capitalise on growth for the store period
  • Includes beef ATP pack for excellent performance and feed efficiency
  • Noted for consistent thrive and excellent performance of all ages
  • NO. 1 Store Feed

The Nutrias BEEF feed range is formulated to cater for all beef feeding systems. A perfect balance of energy, protein and minerals are formulated with appropriate scientific reasoning to ensure the target beef animal obtains the best nutrition for its life stage, this enables the beef animal to achieve better target performance figures throughout its life.

1. Rearing

  • Target well grown calf
  • Avoid growth checks or health challenges
  • Highest feed conversion efficiency
  • High protein and energy required

2. Growing

  • Target skeletal development
  • Increased frame for larger carcass
  • Growth important for maximising intake at finishing periods
  • Protein important

3. Finishing

  • Target maximum weight gain and kill out %
  • Growth should be completed
  • Poorest feed conversion efficiency
  • Energy fundamental

Note* Each stage of life is critical for the success of the next stage. Animals need to be monitored throughout each stage to ensure targets are achieved for maximum performance and profitability.

Animal: Cattle

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