Homeland Tarmac & Algae Concentrate Cleaner

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Product Information


Surface biocide against green algae on tarmac, fences, slate/tile roofs and all stone or concrete surfaces. Contains 46g/(4.52%w/w) Benzalkonium Chloride.

Formulation: Soluble concentrate.


Check suitability by applying to an inconspicuous area prior to overall treatment. The treated surface should be thoroughly soaked. Apply under conditions of good growth, when rain is not expected. In ideal conditions treatment should be effective after 3-4 days, if applied correctly. Dead green algae can then be brushed from the surface. Where there is severe green algae growth, a second application may be necessary. Diluted liquid should be sprayed or brushed onto the surface to be treated.

Homeland Tarmac & Algae Cleaner: 2 litres

Water Volume: 10 Litres, 5 Litres

Growth Type: Light, Heavy

Area Treated: 46m² , 23m²


Keep out of reach of small children.

Application Method: Spray
Product Group: Water Soluble

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