Nutrias ATP Colostrum 1.5L Bottle

Nutrias ATP Colostrum 1.5L Bottle

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Product Information

Nutrias ATP Colostrum is a nutritional supplement formulated for oral administration to new born calves when natural colostrum is not available or is of poor quality. 

  • High quality Johne’s free colostrum
  • Rich in vitamin A,D,E
  • Easy to mix
  • Can be fed to calves or lambs as a natural alternative to colostrum. 

1.5L Bottle



Add 1L of warm water 40 degrees C to the bottle. Shake thoroughly until smooth. Fill with additional warm water to top, making a total of approx. 1.5L.

Feed immediately the entire mixture to calf as soon as possible after birth. Feed via teat provided or where necessary via calf stomach tube ensuring all feeding equipment is clean.

Nutrias ATP Colostrum contains high levels of natural sources of Beta carotene supporting antioxidant activity. 

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