Farmcal Cubicle Lime

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Product Information

Farmcal cubicle lime has being designed to control odour and maintain conditions in farm and livestock buildings such as: Cubicles, Piggeries, Stables,  Lambing Boxes and General Feed areas Farmcal cubicle lime has many advantages. 25kg bag covers an average of 70 cubicles @ 350g per cubicle

  • Finely ground for high surface area coverage and maximum absorption 
  • Does not have any grit particles so does not settle out in the base of tank and stays in suspension within the slurry
  • Added fertilizer value for soil applied in slurry
  • Neutralization of floor surfaces (inhibits against growth of pathogenic bacteria) 
  • Does not burn cow udders

Product Specifications : Calcium Carbonate 98% Calcium as Ca 38.5% Bulk Density 960kg/m³ Moisture <0.3%


  • Helps to protect the herd from disease and infection 
  • Ready made blend for immediate use no mixing required
  • Can help prevent environmental mastitis
  • Hydrated content boosts bacteria kill
  • Significantly raised pH value of farm effluents
  • Labour saving (less stall maintenance)
  • Highly absorbent
  • Available in 1 tonne bulk bag and 25kg bags. 




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