Nutrias Nutri Start Plus Calf Milk Replacer - 20kg
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Nutrias Nutri Start Plus Calf Milk Replacer - 20kg

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Product Information

Nutristart Plus Calf Milk Replacer

Crude Protein

Crude Oil

Crude Ash

Crude Fibre

Feed rate







Nutristart Plus has been developed to achieve the highest performance in replacement heifers through an intensive feeding programme. Consistency of product and excellent bio-availability allow calves to consume large amounts of milk replacer to consume large amounts from a young age. This unlocks the calf’s genetic potential and subsequent lifetime performance.

Importance of protein for heifer rearing:

Designed for intensive heifer rearing, added protein content of this product delivers frame for age in young animals. From birth a calf’s requirement for quality protein is at an all time high. Ensuring non-limiting skeletal development by supplying essential amino acids is crucial to a successful rearing of a replacement heifer. Combining milk source proteins (whey protein & skim powder) delivers this in abundance.

Directions for Use

Mixing rate: 150 grams of powder with water to make 1 litre of mixed milk

TWICE DAILY FEEDING RATES (150g per litre of mixed milk)




1 to 3 days

Colostrum: minimum 3 litres in first 6 hours, then give at least 2 litres/feed, twice



4 to 7 days

2.5 litres

2.5 litres

8 to 35 days

3 litres

3 litres

36 to 49 days

2.5 litres

2.5 litres

50 to 56 days

2.5 litres



The ideal mixing temperature 40 - 45°

  • Mixing too hot damages proteins
  • Mixing too cold can cause poor solubility of powder

 Mixing rate

  • Essential to mix powder and water to MAKE a litre of finished CMR (150g powder to create a litre of finished CMR)
  • Incorrect mixing rate causes dilution and reduced thrive
  • We want to feed milk solids (900 g / calf per day) not excess water

Calf milk replacer needs to get into the abomasum

  • Calves should be fed with heads up to mimic suckling a cow
  • If calves fed on floor the oesophageal groove closes and milk goes to rumen (causing upsets and poor thrive)

Calves healthier fed twice a day

  • Less pressure to get intake
  • Increase total intake
  • Allows for more natural rumen development
  • More representative of nature

Warm milk the better option

  • Cold milk requires energy to bring to rumen temperature
  • This reduces thrive and adds a stress to a calf
  • More risk of disease and stomach ulcers with ice cold milk

Dealing with young calves requires a lot of management

  • Calves require to be trained on an automatic feeder by suckling on teats
  • Ideally calves should be at least 10 days old before introduction to an automatic feeder

Consistency is key

  • Calves are open to problems and need as little stress as possible
  • Consistent feeding pattern, mixing rate and milk temperature very important
  • Fresh concentrates will enable a successful rumen development and keep thrive maximised through the weaning process
  • Regular calibration of automatic feeder or feeding equipment done weekly / between product batches

Additional Considerations

  • Introduce Nutrias Calf Crunch from day 5
  • Introduce high quality fresh straw from day 10
  • Clean fresh water should always be available
  • Feed only freshly mixed drink
  • Suitable for automatic feeders 

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