Roundup - 5L

Roundup - 5L

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Product Information

Roundup standard is a soluble concentrate containing 360g/l glyphosate present as 441g/l (35% w/w) of the potassium salt of glyphosate.
Its novel surfactant system ensures effective and consistent weed control in a wide range of agricultural, forestry, industrial and amenity situations. It has cultivation intervals of 24 hours for annuals and 5 days for Couch and perennial weeds, is rainfast in 4 hours on annual grasses, 4 hours on broad-leaved annuals and broad-leaved crops and 6 hours on perennial weeds. Applied pre harvest of specified crops, Roundup XL in addition to weed control a diverse range of harvest management benefits  accruing from the removal of green material from the crop.


Knapsack sprayers and tractor mounted or powered sprayers may be used. These should be capable of applying accurately 80-400 l/ha within a pressure range of 1.5-2.5 bars (20-30 psi).

General Cautions:

  • Applications of lime, fertiliser, farmyard manure and pesticides should be delayed until 5 days after application of Roundup. XL.
  • Do not tank-mix Roundup XL with adjuvant, pesticides or fertiliser except as specified under: Directions for use - Tank Mixtures.
  • Reduced control is likely where weed growth is impaired by natural senescence, drought, high temperature, a covering of dust, flooding or severe/ prolonged frost at, or immediately after application.
  • Take extreme care to avoid drift, particularly when using near or alongside hedgerows.
  • A rain free period of at least 6 hours and preferably 24 hours should follow application.
  • After application, large concentrations of decaying foilage , stolons , roots or rhizomes should be dispersed or buried by through cultivation before crop drilling.
  • Decaying vegetation following application of ROUNDUP XL may temporarily delay pf emergence and early growth of crops drilled within 48 hours of spraying of annual weeds or within 24 hours afte cultivation following spray of annual weeds.

Symptoms on the weeds:

Symptoms of treatment are generally first seen 7-10 days or longer (if growth is slow), after spraying. These take the form of leaf reddening followed by yellowiing and are usually quicker to appear on grasses than on broad-leaved weeds.



Application Method: Spray

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