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Product Information

Roundup Biactive is a soluble concentrate containing 360g/l glyphosate present as 441g/l (35% w/w) of the potassium salt of glyphosate. Used for the control of a large variety of weeds including the Japanese knotweed. Formulated using a new, unique blend of surfactants, Roundup Biactive ensures highly efficient activity at the leaf surface and a synergistic improvement in overall Roundup liquid performance. As part of its stewardship package, Roundup Biactive incorporates low drift properties to minimize the risk of spraying non-target areas and carries a non-hazardous label for COSHH assessment


  • Reliable and consistent performance in a wide range of weather conditions
  • Rainfast in 1 hour for annuals and Couch, 4 hours for other perennials
  • Can be applied pre or post cut for maximum grass utilisation
  • Treated grassland can be cut, grazed or cultivated after just 5 days
  • Cultivation interval on tilled land 6 hours for annuals, 2 days for couch and 5 days for perennials
  • High level of efficacy and maximum uptake to the roots
  • Wide range of tank mixes
  • No hazard classification
  • Effective in hard water
  • Low drift formulation
  • Approved for use in or near water


  • DO NOT leave spray mixtures in tank for long periods and make sure tanks are WELL VENTED.
  • Do not apply lime, fertiliser, farmyard manure and pesticides until 5 days after application of ROUNDUP BIACTIVE.


  • A period without rain of at least 6 hours and preferably 24 hours must follow application of Roundup Biactive.
  • Do not spray on weeds where growth is impaired by natural senescence, drought,high temperature, a covering of dust, flooding or severe/prolonged frost at, or immediately after application, otherwise poor control may result.
  • Do not spray in windy conditions as drift onto desired crops or vegetation can severely damage or destroy them.
  • Do not tank-mix ROUNDUP BIACTIVE with adjuvants, pesticides or fertilisers, except as specified in the Compatibility section.

Weeds controlled:

Roundup Biactive herbicide controls most emerged grasses and broad-leaved weeds. It is important that all weeds are at the correct growth stage when treated, otherwise some re-growth may occur and this will need re-treatment. Apply Roundup Biactive herbicide once grasses and broad-leaved weeds have emerged and they have ACTIVELY GROWING green leaves.

  • PERENNIAL GRASSES must have full emergence of healthy, green leaf. (Common Couch, for example, becomes susceptible at the onset of tillering and new rhizome growth, which usually occurs when plants have 4-5 leaves, each with 10- 15 cm of new growth).
  • PERENNIAL BROAD-LEAVED WEEDS are most susceptible around the flowering stage.
  • ANNUAL GRASSES AND BROAD-LEAVED WEEDS should have at least 5 cm of leaf, or 2 expanded true leaves, respectively. In set-aside, annual grasses are best treated at full ear emergence, or before stem elongation. Application during the stem extension phase of annual grasses e.g. Black-grass and Brome species on set-aside between the end of April and end of May, may result in poor control and require re-treatment.
  • BRACKEN should be treated after frond tips are unfurled, but pre-senescence.
  • OTHER SPECIES - recommendations for specific Areas of Use are given in the

Weed resistance strategy

There is low risk for the development of weed resistance to Roundup Biactive. Strains of some annual weeds (e.g. Black-grass, Wild oats and Italian Ryegrass) have developed resistance to herbicides which may lead to poor control. A strategy for preventing and managing such resistance should be adopted. This should include integrating herbicides with a programme of cultural control measures. . Growers are encouraged to implement a weed resistance strategy based on: (a) Good Agricultural Practices and (b) Good Plant Protection Practices by:

  • Following label recommendations
  • The adoption of complimentary weed control practices
  • Minimising the risk of spreading weed infestations
  • The implementation of good spraying practice to maintain effective weed control
  • Using the correct nozzles to maximise coverage
  • Application only under appropriate weather condition

Mixing and Spraying:

ROUNDUP BIACTIVE mixes readily with water and can be applied in spray volumes ranging from 80-400 l/ha using tractor mounted, knapsack, rotary atomisers and hand-held sprayers. Specialised application equipment such as weed wipers and spot gun applicators may be used where indicated. Correctly calibrate all sprayers under field or use conditions prior to application.


Application Method: Spray

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